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The Gryphon's Tail

(and the tales he told)

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I am The Gryphon of Rivenvale. I am a memeber of the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc). The SCA is an international organization dedicated to researching and re-creating the arts and skills of pre-17th-century Europe....That sounds boring...see http://www.sca.org/ for more info. I like all things medieval. I mostly do leather work as part of my re-creation. I also take part in the tournement fighting and of course the reveling. Gryphons rock...I am The Gryphon.

Mundanely I work in an engineering test lab. I like to hike, camp, see movies or just chill with friends, and travel... going to the ocean is the best thing here in the states. I've traveled abroad to Iceland, Germany, Holand, Belgium, France, and Luxemburg. I hope to get to see Ireland, England, Scotland, and Italy sometime.
13th warrior, 3 musketeers, 300 spartans, a knights tale, age gap relationships, amusement parks, archery, are you being served, armor, armoring, armour, art, bardic, bards, beaches, being outdoors, belly dancing, ben-hur, board games, boardgames, books, braveheart, c.s. lewis, calvin and hobbes, camping, candles, cartoons, castles, celtic, celtic music, chain mail, charlie brown, cheese, chess, chivalry, classic rock, conan, cooper's lake, diet coke, dilbert, drawing, drinking, drumming, duct tape, dvds, england, euchre, european, excalibur, family swimming hole, fantasy, fantasy novels, fighting, flirting, friends, gaelic storm, garb, gladiator, heavy fighting, heavy weapons, helms, history, hugs, ireland, jason and the argonauts, kull, labyrinth, ladyhawk, leather working, lord of the rings, lotr, massage, medieval, medieval armored combat, medieval armoured combat, medieval life, mel brooks, melees, merchanting, metalwork, middle ages, middle eastern, midrealm, military history, monty python, movies, mythology, narnia, nature, pavillions, pennsic, pennsic moon, pennsic war, pennsic_war, personas, photography, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, pizza, prince of thieves, procrastinating, queen, rattan, reading, renaissance, renfaire, renfairs, role playing, role-play gaming, roleplaying, roller coasters, rpgs, sca, sci-fi, science fiction, sheep, sheet walls, smoothies, snuggling, society for creative anachronism, song parodies, swords, tafl, the bog, the far side, the holy grail, the neverending story, the ocean, the princess bride, the serenghetti, the swamp, the vikings, the warlord, thriftstores, thunderstorms, travelling, veggietales, viking, walks, weird al, willow